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We deal only with quality products and have complete inhouse team with export domain knowledge of yarn and spinning.

After gaining the name and fame in the field of Raw Cotton and Agro Commodities to different part of the world we have started a new wing of Yarn since January,2013 for exports on merchant export basis working with top and leading spinning mills of India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

We have in house a very strong team of Marketing and Quality Control professionals having an experience of more than two decades in their field to deliver our Service to our Buyers and Business/Strategic Partners through:

  • Most Competitive Price points
  • On Time Shipments
  • Professional Service
  • Quality Assurance

Our Product Range

We deal only with quality products and have complete in house team with expert domain knowledge of yarn and spinning.

  • 100% Cotton Carded, Combed, Gassed, Mercerized yarns made from Indian cotton fiber, Pima and Giza in Ring Spun, Open End, Compact, Air Jet, Elli Twist etc. in different categories of Hosiery and Weaving in the count range of 6s Ne to 100s Ne.
  • PolyesterNiscose, CVC, and Poly/Cotton and others blended spun yarns in raw white as well as dyed.
  • Open End (Rotor - Ne 6/1 - 24/1)
  • DTY Yarn: Polyester Filament yarn (DEN 75 to 600) RW, Dyed.
Category Counts Specifications
Open end yarns. Ne 6/1 to Ne 24/1 (From 1600 to 1900 CSP) Carded for weaving & knitting uses. We can supply multifold like 2 ply, 3 ply up to 4 ply. We can also supply LAUTOCORa 1. a-- with latest 'COROLAB' technology with various strengths with - cotton and comber mixed.
Ring spun carded yarns. Ne 6/1 to Ne 40/1 (Both Weaving & Knitting) Auto coned spliced & non-auto coned 'EYC' yarns of different grades for knitting & weaving uses. We can supply multifold yams and yarns made from Indian, American and Egyptian cotton also.
Ring Spoon Combed Yarns Ne 16/1 to Ne 100/1 combed (Both Weaving & Knitting) yarns. Yarns manufactured out of best quality raw cotton, with special emphasis on contamination and evenness control. All yarns are auto coned spliced/SIRO cleared by 'YARN MASTER' and with 'VISION SHIELD' technology, to minimize contamination, for knitting and weaving uses. We can supply yarns out of Indian. Egyptian, American and West African cotton.
Compact Spun Yarn Ne 20/1 to Ne 120/1 (Both Weaving & Knitting) Compact Spun Yarns made from 100% cotton for weaving and knitting use produced from best of the machines with high RKM is also possible.
Doubled And Multifold Yarn Ne 20/2 to Ne 120/2 Cotton yarns for weaving or knitting with 2 or multi fold. We can supply the double or multifold yarns made on TFO or ring double wet spliced as per customers need.
Specialty Cotton Yarns Ne 20/1 to Ne 100/1 We can supply gassed, mercerized yarns and the double steam set. We can also supply 'Compact Spun' yarns made out of Indian long staple as well as Egyptian 'GIZA' and American 'PIMA' cotton.

Tell Us Your Needs

Do you have any other requirements