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Harish Lakhani
Chairman,The DML Group

The DML Group comprises of our various companies into the areas like exports of agro-commodities, infrastructure, etc. The world needed quality products from India in the agro-commodity market which was the reason we marched ahead into this venture. The DML Group’s roots are in the field of agro commodities with around 33 years of rich experience backing it. And so today, our business is assisting the buyers worldwide in procuring the agro commodities they need with their demand in specifications of quality and price. We provide time-definite delivery and end-to-end visibility and control.

Our Vision and Mission would be to make the identity of the DML Group clear. Through this website, we intend to get closer to our global customers. Our journey in search of excellence in providing service continues.

Recently awarded status of ‘Premier Trading House’ has put us amongst the top and leading business groups of India. The Government of India recognises & provides status of Premier Trading House to various organisation for the outstanding performers of Indian export industry. We are only 29th in India and 2nd in Gujarat State to achieve this honour.


We are committed to serve the best quality goods to our customers satisfying their product requirements. We aim to continue our market leading position on international front.

With the best of our management and administration skills coupled with fair trading policies we aim to capture a considerable share of agro exports market.


  • To Build an institution, which would be one of the best export-import companies in India.
  • To Establish, firm and easy ways for overseas business.
  • To Provide, value-added services to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • To Identify and Target, new market segments with a proactive structuring of innovative agricultural products.

Success Story

The DML Group is involved in the area of International business since 1988. The success story of the firm is attributed to our Managing Director and his team who have focused their efforts to make it a successful concern.

Our management is persistent with respect to the deals that it undertakes and gives every trading partner, the individual attention that is required to build a successful trading relationship.

The DML Network And Core Strength

We have a wide spread Business Network spanning around 42 countries including the Far East, Middle East, Europe & Other Gulf areas. Since years, the DML Group has a dominant standing in exportable items being sent in huge quantity such as Oilseeds, Spices, Pulses, Textile Products, Rice & other Agro commodities. Due to our service and our experience, we have earned a very strong goodwill in the global market. We give credit of this goodwill to our network of genuine suppliers all over India. Due to excellent relations with Indian Suppliers, we have a very good command over domestic/local markets for purchasing. We help the buyers utilize our core strengths in the form of :

  • The Best Competitive Prices.
  • The Best Desired Quality of Goods.
  • Total Logistics Management.

Business Philosphy

Our philosophy is to find the best export solution for the customer’s particular requirement or requirements which results in the creation of long lasting commercial relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

The Group prides itself in having a very close working relationship with its customers and has a much focused market driven philosophy.

Commitment Towards Stakeholders

The DML Group continues its role and responsibility as the industry initiator and a strong market contender for over 18 years of bringing quality products to the marketplace.

We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. We believe in treating our employees as family, as they are our strength and important assets as well. We are committed towards mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Employees have always been involved in some or the other activity related to contributing to the welfare of the society. Some of the employees have worked behind projects related to Diabetes awareness, Polio eradication drives, Tree plantation projects, etc. The next project we are working on is the Computer Literacy drive, which is in its conceptual stage at present. Hence, although we are involved in exports, we consider it our moral duty to serve the community where we exist.


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