• India has the largest area in the world under cotton (91.25 lakh hectares in 2005-06).
  • The third largest producer of cotton in the world after China and USA (243 lakh bales in 2004-05).
  • India is the only country cultivating cotton of all staple classes and belonging to all four cultivable species.
  • Cotton provides livelihood to 60 million people engaged in farming, industry and trade related to cotton and cotton products.
  • Textile exports account for 30% of India’s total exports. Cotton textiles alone make up 20% of the exports.
  • Short unspinnable desi cottons to extra-long (40mm) Suvin, spinnable to 120s count are grown in the country.
  • Positive characteristics include low neps, good dye absorption, relatively better priced, good lustre.


India in the cotton world :

India’s Share (Area and Production)

Area in million hectares                                 Production in million MT