Field peas frequently are referred to as dry peas. Pea varieties fall into two main types: yellow cotyledon or green cotyledon. Field peas also include specialty types such as marrowfat, maple and Austrian winter peas grown for specialty confection, birdseed and forage markets. The food and feed pea markets have different requirements. Premium prices are associated with the human food and seed markets. Selling peas in the premium markets is a greater challenge than marketing a traditional small-grain crop.Premium pea markets normally are limited and require the grower to take a more aggressive approach. Growers should identify pea markets before they produce peas to optimize their ability to harvest a crop that will meet market standards. Primary field pea market opportunities are for human consumption, seed and livestock feed. Edible peas for human consumption and seed are the premium markets and require high and consistent quality standards. Field peas have been used for feed in several Asian countries — most notably Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.