Whole Green peas and green split peas are derived from spring sown field peas (pisum sativum) and are usually referred to as blue peas before they are processed. They are sown when soil temperatures are suitable in March and harvested dry in July/August when they are at a moisture content of approximately15%. Green peas are mainly semi-leafless, stand well in the field and harvest before marrowfats.

There are many varieties suited to this market, ranging from the small seeded/dimpled types to the larger seeded round types. Good even colour is important, but other factors are – general appearance, low insect damage and avoidance of stone contamination.

We then collect the peas from farm and process at our facility in Bourne where we remove foreign matter and undesirable peas aiming to achieve high quality end product for supply to the UK and around the world.

Further processing enables us to produce polished or unpolished green split peas.
We pack into mainly 25kg paper or polprop sacks onto pallets or into 20 foot containers. Product is available through out the year.