Since years, the DML Group has had a dominant standing in exportable items being sent in huge quantity such as Cotton, Oil Seeds, Spices, Pulses, Textile Products, Rice & other Agro commodities.
To help us brand Indian Cotton globally, we have a wide spread Business Network with the major focus for cotton being on Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
Due to our service and our experience, we have earned a very strong goodwill in the global market. We give credit of this goodwill to our network of genuine suppliers all over India. Due to excellent relations with Indian Suppliers, we have a very good command over domestic/local markets for purchasing. We help the buyers utilize our core strengths in the form of:and Pakistan.

  • The Best Competitive Prices.
  • The Best Desired Quality of Goods.
  • Total Logistics Management.
  • Time Bound & Definite Shipments.
  • 20 years of rich experience in the business of Raw Cotton