Pulses are edible seeds of annual legumes and are produced throughout the world. They include plants such as field peas, Lentils, dry edible beans, chickpeas, soybeans, fenugreek, fababeans and other minor plants As with most agricultural products today, pulses definitely are a part of a global market.

Pulses (field peas, Lentils and chickpeas) are cool-season legumes generally Pulse production provides a number of agronomic advantages to the agricultural producer. Benefits of putting pulses in the crop rotation include: an increased supply of soil nitrogen, resulting in a decreased need to add nitrogen for the following crop; increased soil organic matter; and disruption of cereal disease and insect cycles. Additional agronomic benefits may include: a better quality crop grown the year after pulses (e.g., protein premium in wheat), increased yields from the following crop, and lower costs for herbicides and fungicides for a following crop market.